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Oregon, USA is the only place on earth verified by scientific evidence to produce natural, untreated copper bearing sunstone in commercially viable quantities and quality. And the sunstone produced by the miners of Plush Oregon is the finest sunstone in the world. Nowhere else will you find such beautiful and unique gemstones, and nowhere else are you able to choose from such a wonderful array of Oregon Sunstone varieties. This website is dedicated to bringing you information that will help you learn about Plush Sunstone, and provide you with grading scales and other shopping information to assist you in choosing the Plush Sunstone that is just right for you. We welcome you to our Plush Sunstone website!

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This website has been produced by the International School of Gemology for the purpose of consumer awareness and education regarding the Plush Sunstone. It is a member site of the World Gem Society. All content is property of the ISG who is solely responsible for the content. The Plush Sunstone miners contributed to this site by donating study specimens used to create the website. However the ISG is solely responsible for all gemological information, and all comments and opinions made herein.

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The world’s source of natural, untreated copper bearing Sunstone!

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